The Risks Of A Forex Robot

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By , May 31, 2020 6:53 pm

Who does not want to have some share with the $3 trillion market turnover that the Forex market gets everyday? If you are one of those newcomers who are learning how to be a part of the Forex trading market and having difficulty to cope with it, you would also receive a lot of talk about getting a Forex trading robot to help you with your trade.

We have hear how good this system is and how a lot of people have gained a lot from using it. But how good is it, really? Could it just be too perfect that we do not want to worry about anything. Contradictory to what most people think, Forex robots would also have downsides.

What are these negative effects?

• Heavy reliance on your equipment

A Forex robot is there to help you not to completely take over for you. A common mistake made by traders is let automated trading programs do the work for them and never ever put even small manual trading. This can turn into a trading disaster in the long run.

If you rely too much on your equipment, what would you do if your computer crashes or you robot encountered problems? Would this be the end for your trading career? Having sufficient knowledge in doing trade manually could save it, making it really essential if you wanted to succeed in Forex trade.

Another thing is that most traders that use automated trading system would just leave their equipment alone. Automated trading system, specifically, Forex robots have the feature called optimization. This would allow traders to check on previous trades and determine how trades have been won in the past. This would allow your system to improve its program. But, there would be times when the optimization process would be too much. It could keep improving its system until it sees that there are no losses on the data. But this could buy time and can even lose transactions in the end.

• Believing its magic

There is no such thing as a perfect system. There are some Forex robot systems that say that they have zero losses under their belt. Systems that claim this could happen aer actually losing their account. There are experts who say that system like this could actually earn a break-even after 20 years!

So, just the same with the first point, even if there are Forex robots that claim to have as much as 95 to 100 percent gain, relying on them too much and letting them do the trading without the trader getting involved could lead to disaster. But traders would have to dig deeper to understand that, actually, their account could end up dipping as much as 75 to 80 percent. Eventually, this could entirely deplete their account.

• Alert signs

Some Forex robots would use bad money management strategies, like stop loss could be larger that the target. Others would not have any trading strategy at all! Some would not allow backtest, which is something that traders should be conscious about.

Bottom line is that no automated trading system could make you rich by millions overnight or in weeks. The Forex market is unpredictable and could be exciting. But to succeed in this field, miracle-workers like automated trading system is not the answer. Of course, it could help or provide the necessary support in Forex trading. But still, a good trading mindset and skill could take you to a long way.

An Introduction To Trading Systems

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By , May 28, 2020 12:02 pm

Whether you plan to venture into foreign or stock exchange, trading systems will help you become successful in this endeavor. But before proceeding, it is vital to first have an understanding of what they are and how they function.

Trading systems pertains to specific rules or parameters that determines points of entry and exit, called signals, for a given equity. They are often indicated on a chart in real time and prompts immediate implementation of a trade.

In the construction of trading system parameters, the most common technical analysis tools consists of moving averages, Bollinger bands, stochastic, relative strength, and oscillators. Most of the time, a combination of these tools determines a rule. However, there are also instances wherein only one indicator is used in rule creation.

Benefits of a Trading System

Utilizing a trading system provides several benefits to a forex or stock market trader.

Can Increase Profit

Coping with losses is one of the most difficult aspects of being a forex or stock exchange market. In an effort to recover the money they loss from trading, investors usually make hasty decisions and consequently loss more money in the process.

Since most of these systems are automated, there is no need for the investor to make a decision, as it is the software that determines when to enter and exit trading. By doing so, losses will be minimized and there is a greater chance for increasing profits.

Not Time Consuming

Again since most systems are optimized and automated, the trader need not exert a lot of time analyzing and initiating trades. The system is designed to both generate the signals and perform actual trade.

More Convenient Because They Have Been Optimized By Others
There are a lot of systems that have been developed and currently being marketed. However, availing of the work of other people entails payment of a certain fee. However, you need to be careful when choosing a company because many of them are fraudulent.
Pitfalls of Trading Systems

While they may have their advantages, trading systems are not perfect and present their own disadvantages.


This is the biggest disadvantage of a trading system. Creating a trading system may require a solid knowledge of technical analysis, ability to decide empirically, or a comprehensive understanding of the functions of parameters.

While you may not be involved in the development of the system, familiarization with the parameters can be equally challenging.
Requires Realistic Assumptions
In order for a system to become effective, you need to have knowledge of how to differentiate simulated from actual results. This is known as “slippage” and represents one of the major pitfalls in the effectiveness of a system.
Development Takes Time
The task of developing your own system is time consuming. Getting it to run and work effectively as well as testing it may take some time. Not to mention the fact that you have to do a paper trade in real time to make sure that your system is reliable. The factor of slippage may also come into play, which will require you to completely revise your system.

As mentioned above, you need to be careful when choosing a system. There are firms that are out to get your money and offer a system that does not work. However, there are likewise legal companies so you should determine the difference between the two.

A trading system can be a helpful tool to novice traders who wants to succeed and make a living out of this endeavor.